Issue: Summer 2022

Chesterton and the Locked Tomb

John Young reviews a crime novel by the Australian broadcaster and columnist, Kel Richards, which features Chesterton as one of its characters.

Rebirth of the Catholic Novel

News of an important study by Trevor Merrill on the emergence of a new generation of Catholic novelists.

Premiere of a Chesterton Movie

The Defendant reports on a recent Australian movie production of Chesterton’s play, ‘Magic’, and the acquisition by Campion College of a copy of the play personally signed by Chesterton.

Margaritas in Elfland – William F. Buckley, Jr. (1925-2008)

David Deavel reveals the impact of Chesterton on the life and thought of the American author, editor and broadcaster, William F. Buckley Jr (1925-2008).

Chesterton and Anti-Semitism

Gary Furnell provides a balanced review of Richard Ingrams’ recent book on whether Chesterton was anti-Semitic.

Satire in a Disbelieving Culture

Karl Schmude explores whether satire is possible in a culture that no longer has fundamental beliefs by which human follies can be exposed – laughed at so they can be corrected.