Chesterton in Prison

The Chesterton biographer Joseph Pearce recalls how Chesterton was his challenging companion during time he spent in prison.

The House of Mourning: the Value of Liturgy

Gary Furnell exalts the value of a liturgical ceremony of mourning in response to death.

Chesterton and Eugenics – Redesigning the Human

Garry Nieuwkamp looks at Chesterton’s early opposition to eugenics and the extent to which it continues to be embraced by contemporary culture.

A Chesterton Dose of Common Sense

Trevor Bailey reviews Joseph Epstein’s recent book of essays and applauds its Chesterton-like common sense.

Rewatching Films – the Art of Rediscovery

Symeon Thompson celebrates the benefits of rediscovery in viewing movies or reading books more than once.

When Absence of Mind is Presence of Mind

John Young remembers Chesterton’s absent-mindedness and ponders his remark that it is really the presence of mind on other things.