Issue: Spring 2022

Chesterton – The Great Detective: Report on the 2022 Australian Chesterton Conference

After a two-year COVID-related gap, the Australian Chesterton Society resumed its pattern of annual conferences – on Saturday, October 22, at Campion College in Sydney. The 16th national conference…

The Statue of Mary that Chesterton Bought

In Christendom in Dublin (1933), the second of two books Chesterton wrote on Ireland, he recalls a story he heard long ago in Donegal. It told of a meeting in…

Chesterton’s Devotion to Mary

Gary Furnell reviews a collection of essays on Chesterton’s spiritual life, especially in relation to Our Lady.

The Large Nation that was Chesterton

The Norwegian scholar Geir Hasnes has published a three-volume bibliography of Chesterton’s vast writings, which Karl Schmude finds as approaching the literary output of a large nation.

The Rise of a Chesterton Italy

Karl Schmude discusses the impact of Chesterton’s ideas on the new Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni.

Chesterton and the Personality of Government

Gary Furnell explores Chesterton’s ideas on the differences between personal and impersonal government.

The Monarchy – A Chesterton Perspective

Karl Schmude reflects on the meaning and purpose of the monarchy following Queen Elizabeth II’s death and relates it to Chesterton’s thoughts on the distribution of power in society.