Issue: Summer 2021

Sherlock Holmes and Father Brown

John Young offers a fascinating comparison of Sherlock Holmes and Father Brown.

The Rise and Fall of Distributism – an Australian Story

Stefan Gigacz of the University of Divinity, Melbourne, reviews Race Matthews’ Of Labour and Liberty – Distributism in Victoria 1891-1966.

A New Name for Distributism

Dale Ahlquist, President of The Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton, has proposed ‘Localism’ as a new name for Distributism.

Tribute to a Chesterton Pioneer – Ian Boyd CSB

Australian Chestertonians join the chorus of applause and gratitude for the singular contribution of Fr Ian Boyd CSB, founding editor of The Chesterton Review, to the growing appreciation of Chesterton in our time.

Revisiting Chesterton

The distinguished British author Piers Paul Read recalls the surprising coincidences between his life and Chesterton’s in a review of Ian Ker’s biography of Chesterton.

Friendships that Transcend Differences – a Chesterton Legacy

Can friendships transcend differences, and stop arguments becoming quarrels? Karl Schmude invokes Chesterton as a model for dealing with this challenge.