Issue: Winter 2023

Baptising the Imagination – The Impact of George MacDonald

Richard Egan ponders the influence of the 19th century Scottish minister and author, George MacDonald, on Chesterton and C.S. Lewis.

Chesterton and the Celtic Punk Musician

Emily de Rotstein, Executive Director of The Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton in America, discusses the impact of Chesterton’s ideas on a present-day Celtic punk musician, Matthew Kelly.

The Fragility of Freedom

Gary Furnell reviews a recent book on the principle of subsidiarity by the Melbourne businessman and author, Peter Fenwick

The Cultural Mind of Christopher Dawson

Tom Gourlay reviews a recent study of Dawson and stresses the perennial importance and value of his thought.

The Freedom of the Vow

Karl Schmude discusses Chesterton’s paradoxical understanding of the nature of the vow – that it is a binding promise which is finally liberating for the person who makes it.