Issue: Spring 2021

The opening article of this Defendant reflects on Chesterton’s insights into the Divine Comedy in the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death this year. Gary Furnell looks at the preparation that went into his book, The Hardest Path is the Easiest, which explores the Wisdom literature of the Old Testament through the eyes of Chesterton and other writers. Garrick Small reviews an issue of Local Culture, a journal of the Front Porch Republic, which is devoted to the social philosophy of Distributism. There is a report on the move in Melbourne schools to introduce a program of classical education. Karl Schmude reviews a new collection of Chesterton’s essays, edited by the Norwegian scholar, Geir Hasnes, and Fintan Devine, a New Zealand lawyer, contributes to the occasional series, Desert Island Chesterton, by revisiting Chesterton’s novel, Manalive.


Fintan Devine revisits Chesterton’s 1912 novel, Manalive, finding many riches of insight nearly a century later.

The Colourful Chesterton – in Black and White

Karl Schmude reviews a significant collection of Chesterton’s essays, which appeared originally in the journal, Black and White, and were recovered for publication by the Norwegian scholar Geir Hasnes.

Classical Education in Melbourne Schools

An important report on the resurgence of Classical education in Melbourne schools.

Distributism on the Front Porch

Garrick Small reviews the special issue of a journal examining the social and economic philosophy of Distributism in our time.

Exploring Writers of Wisdom

Gary Furnell looks back at how his recent book on the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament developed, especially through the eyes of Chesterton and other authors.

Chesterton and the Divine Comedian

In the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, Karl Schmude looks at Chesterton’s serious understanding of the Divine Comedy, notably Dante’s emphasis on hope.