The Spiritual Importance of Place

Karl Schmude pays tribute to the late American Chestertonian, Gerald Russello, and his insights into the links between religious faith and cultural place.

A Classic Magazine for Women

Veronika Winkel explains the background to the launching of Mathilde as a new magazine that recognises the importance of cultural memories and the wisdom of the past for...

Changes in Funeral Customs

Gary Furnell reflects on the religious and cultural changes that are influencing funeral customs in present-day Australia.

Fr Ian Boyd RIP – Tribute to a Chesterton Founder

Karl Schmude offer heartfelt words of thanks to the late Chesterton pioneer, Fr Ian Boyd CSB, who spearheaded the current revival of interest in Chesterton that is now...

A Chesterton Collection in London – at an American University

Chris Rule provides a revealing picture of the collection of Chesterton books and memorabilia now available at the London campus of the University of Notre Dame (USA).

The Perennial Wisdom of St Thomas Aquinas

John Young reviews recent volumes of a major series of works on Aquinas by the Australian Catholic philosopher, Dr Donald Boland.

A Chesterton Political Party in America

Karl Schmude spotlights the American Solidarity Party which is inspired by Christian principles reflective of Chesterton’s philosophy of distributed economic power and strong family values.