The Magic of Magic

Peter Malone MSC sees the deeper magic at work in a recent Australian-made movie of Chesterton’s play, Magic.

Shining the Divine Light of Wisdom

David Daintree finds much to applaud in Gary Furnell’s book, The Hardest Path Is the Easiest.

Revisiting ‘What’s Wrong With the World’

Garry Nieuwkamp highlights the continuing value of Chesterton’s book of social philosophy, What’s Wrong With the World (1910).

A Comment on ‘The Sins of G.K. Chesterton’

Robin Speed finds a lack of convincing evidence in Richard Ingrams’ The Sins of G.K. Chesterton.

Nothing is too sacred or too secular for God: The journal Studio turns 40

As the founding editor of the Christian literary journal, Studio, Paul Grover reflects on its first 40 years of publication in Australia.

Reason and Liberty are not N.I.C.E.

An American historian John-Paul Heil looks into C.S. Lewis’ novel, That Hideous Strength, as a basis for comparing his ideas of conversion with those of Chesterton.