Issue: Winter 2021

When Absence of Mind is Presence of Mind

John Young remembers Chesterton’s absent-mindedness and ponders his remark that it is really the presence of mind on other things.

Rewatching Films – the Art of Rediscovery

Symeon Thompson celebrates the benefits of rediscovery in viewing movies or reading books more than once.

A Chesterton Dose of Common Sense

Trevor Bailey reviews Joseph Epstein’s recent book of essays and applauds its Chesterton-like common sense.

Chesterton and Eugenics – Redesigning the Human

Garry Nieuwkamp looks at Chesterton’s early opposition to eugenics and the extent to which it continues to be embraced by contemporary culture.

The House of Mourning: the Value of Liturgy

Gary Furnell exalts the value of a liturgical ceremony of mourning in response to death.

Chesterton in Prison

The Chesterton biographer Joseph Pearce recalls how Chesterton was his challenging companion during time he spent in prison.