2018 Australian Chesterton Conference

Chesterton and the Child - Fostering the Family Today

will be held on
October 20, 2018
Campion College, Sydney

Chesterton had a special love of children, and he and his wife Frances, while they were not able to have a family of their own, gave much of their time and affection to the children of others in the English town of Beaconsfield where they lived.

Chesterton’s love of children came from the joy of his own childhood. He cherished a lifelong appreciation of playful entertainment and fairy tales, and recognised the value of these childhood experiences in sustaining a sense of wonder in adult life. Children formed a continuing theme of his writings, and shaped his understanding of the centrality of the family in a civilised society.

The 2018 Conference will focus on children and the family. A keynote speaker will be the American author, Nancy Brown, who will give two papers – one on Frances Chesterton (of whom she has written a definitive biography), the other on the Father Brown stories (which she has adapted for young readers) and other works appealing to the imagination of children.

Speakers will include:

  • Nancy Brown - The Woman Who Was Chesterton and Father Brown, and Other Imaginative Books for Young People
  • Karl Schmude - The Innocence of Father Chesterton
  • Gary Furnell - Chesterton’s Toy Theatre
  • Sophie York and David van Gend - Children and the Family in Australia Today

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