2019 Australian Chesterton Conference

Reclaiming the Economy: A Chesterton Alternative

was held on
October 19, 2019
Campion College, Sydney

The one-day conference looked at Chesterton’s social philosophy of Distributism in an economic environment marked by bigness – big business corporations, big government and, most recently, big social media networks. It addressed the need for an imaginative rethinking of today’s economic order, as a necessary prelude to any practical and political solutions.

Various papers examined Chesterton’s vision of a wide distribution of ownership, which would help to promote productive enterprise, and extend economic freedom as a necessary foundation of social and other freedoms.

The speakers were:

  • Dr Garrick Small, who presented two papers - one on the marketplace and the family, and a second on the ideas of the 19th century American political economist, Henry George;
  • Fr Paul Stenhouse MSC, who considered the vital contributions of the 19th century Australian Catholic writer and social reformer, John Farrell; and
  • Karl Schmude, who explored the imaginative roots of Distributism in Chesterton’s novels and poems.

The papers were video-recorded and will soon be available on YouTube and the Society’s own website. A booklet publication of the papers will also be available for purchase.

This was the Australian Chesterton Society’s fourteenth national conference. The past ten conferences have been held in Sydney at Campion College, Australia’s first institution of higher education offering a foundational undergraduate degree in the liberal arts.

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