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The Australian Chesterton Society is a national association devoted to fostering an appreciation of G.K. Chesterton’s writings and the value of his thought in contemporary Australia. Since its inception in 1993 as a regional association in Western Australia, the Australian Chesterton Society has organised various conferences and other activities. As a national body, it has held major conferences in such centres as Sydney (2001), Canberra (2002), and Melbourne (2004). Since 2007, the conference venue has been Campion College, Australia’s only liberal arts institution of higher education, located in the western Sydney suburb of Toongabbie.

Office holders

President/Editor of The Defendant

Mr Karl Schmude


Mr Ray Finnegan

Associate Editor - The Defendant

Mr Symeon Thompson

Society's conferences

The Society continues to hold regular conferences. The most recent ones have taken place annually since 2007 at Campion College Australia in Sydney - on themes such as ‘Chesterton and the Cultural Crisis’ and 'Redeeming the Culture', and have featured keynote speakers from overseas as well as Australia.

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Society's newsletter - The Defendant

The Society publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Defendant, which is distributed as part of the annual membership.

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International journals

The Society is part of an international Chesterton movement that seeks to promote the study and understanding of Chesterton’s ideas and insights.


The American Chesterton Society publishes the journal, Gilbert magazine, ten times a year.

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The Chesterton Review

The G.K. Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture, located at Seton Hall University in New Jersey USA, publishes the Chesterton Review twice yearly. Several Australian members serve on the Editorial Board of The Review.

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